What if I am sick or miss a lesson?

No problem. Are you absent for 1 to 3 lessons? Even then it is usually quite possible to resume the series of lessons. After a few lessons you will probably be up and running again.

There is also 1 free catch-up lessons planned (see data lessons)


Can I take individual lessons?

No this is not possible

You want to register but know that you will miss a maximum of 3 lessons

no problem, you can still register!

There is also a free catch-up lesson planned (See dates of lessons)

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Are there hulahoops? 

Yes! we have for everyone, if you wanna bring your own. also welcome! 


Are there free trial lessons?

Yes , did you miss this one ?

During the first two weeks of the series you can still take trial lessons, provided the course is not full.

Send an email with reservation trial lesson (10 euros via payconiq or cash, will be deducted from the course fee if you register)


I want to cancel registration. Are there refunds?  

Registration can be canceled free of charge up to three weeks before the start of a course or workshop.

After that period registration fee is not refundable.

If you have missed more than 3 lessons due to illness, you will receive a discount voucher for the next series of lessons or workshop. In each case, medical proof must be submitted.


Bellydance vs Tribal ? 

If you already have belly dance experience, you can register with the advanced (but knowing that some movements may be new)


Can I register for advanced classes even though I have no experience?

This is allowed at your own risk.

If you think you can follow, or if you don’t mind not being able to participate fully every now and then, welcome.


Can in pay in installments?

Yes you can, please contact us



Is there a student discount or social rate?  

Unfortunately not,

I am a small self-employed person and unfortunately I cannot afford this yet

I do believe that dance is for everyone, so out of love and passion for dance I give one person per seriesPassionate love dance discount

You must contact me for this. (Please be honest about this)

Dance is for everyone <3